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Main subjects


  • Art: history of art in general, art in Mons and Hainaut (history, artists from Mons and Hainaut, contemporary art, contemporary exhibitions), art in Belgium (history and contemporary art), artists included in the Duvivier and Neirynck collections (CoBra, abstract art, Narrative Figuration), contemporary art (2nd half of the 20th century).
  • Museums: museology and conservation, exhibitions, communication, exhibition design, restoration, digitisation
  • Books relating to the Mons museum collections: coins, ceramics, fabric art, old furniture and antiques, weapons, history and military strategy, world wars (with a focus on the battles of Mons)
  • Books connected with the UNESCO sites: the mines of Spiennes (prehistory, Neolithic, archaeology), the belfry (architectural heritage of Mons and Hainaut, history of Mons and Hainaut) and the Ducasse de Mons festival (folklore, popular beliefs, saints, legends and dragons)
  • Themes of temporary exhibitions in Mons: exhibitions by City museums and exhibitions by other organisations (Montois Cayaux, Photo Club montois, Mundaneum, WCC, etc.)

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