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City Sonic

At Salle Saint-Georges, the City Sonic festival will give carte blanche to the FRESNOY contemporary art studio, as well as hosting the Livescape collective, which will present a multimedia and sound project.

- Livescape collective - Livescape Sonic Zoo (2011)

Perinne Joveniaux and Stéphane Kozik, co-founders of the Livescape collective, present an installation incorporating research carried out as part of this multimedia and sound project... When nature is distorted, augmented or magnified, it becomes a pretext for the most astonishing digital sound experimentations.

- Chlorophilian Beats

Digital experiments on indoor plants – just for you, a first sample of the experiments in progress at the Livescape lab. Vegetables covered with probes and sensors improve their growing conditions, multiplying their qualities tenfold. Fed by a drip that transforms them, giving them new flavours and new properties. These plants are now more alive then ever before – listen to their heartbeat...

- Mineral Sound

Meditative, poetic kinetic sculpture extracted from a performance by Livescape. This work creates layers of sound in a endlessly rotating movement, echoing the cycles of nature. Dry landscape or vivid soundscape, both opposing and complementing its counterpart, Chlorophilian Beats. Mineral Sound plunges us into a dark, Zen-like world, rich in interpretation.

- Symphony for Zebra Finches

Zebra finches in an interactive cage become choreographers, singers, electronic musicians, performers... Moving in an environment populated by sensors, the slightest gesture pulls them into a new sonic space and takes them a new direction, giving spectators a second reading of reality, like a short surrealist play at the theatre, highly conducive to contemplation and to the pleasure of observing animals and poetry in motion...

Production: Transcultures/City Sonic, Stéphane Kozik, Perrine Joveniaux

- Léonore Mercier: Le Damassama

Le Damassama is an amphitheatre of Tibetan singing bowls in which the visitor takes on the role of conductor, using gestures to elicit responses in the instruments (via the sensors positioned among them) and embarking on a personal musical journey. Engaging in a personal experience of the instrument and its sounds inspires us to engage in more attentive, introspective listening to aspects of ourselves, aspects of others, and our personal environment. From mere listeners, we become instrumentalists and recreators of the sonic world. During the performance, vibrations penetrate the body and remain there, inciting us to listen to the world within a spiritual reality of which we are the instant authors.

Production: Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains (Tourcoing).

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