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Due to the upcoming opening of future centres and museums, a large number of works are going to be removed from the archives. While some only need a little surface cleaning to be displayed in their best light, others require more substantial care.

Restoration work in progress

  • Christ on cross in polychrome wood | Chanoine Puissant collection
  • Stiévenart clock | Jean Lescarts collection
  • Alabaster relief depicting the meal at Simon's house (1601) | Chanoine Puissant collection
  • Two bronze belt buckles | Gallo-Roman collection
  • Bronze ornament | Gallo-Roman collection
  • Dagger | Jean Lescarts collection
  • Uniform buckle | Military collection
  • Small mess kit | Military collection
  • Large mess kit | Military collection
  • Identification tag | Military collection
  • Sculpted shell | Military collection
  • Dagger | Jean Lescarts collection
  • Dagger | Jean Lescarts collection

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