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La bataille de Mons ("The Battle of Mons"). Objects Tell the Story

Exhibition organised as part of commemorations for the First World War Centenary. From 22 August 2014 to 23 November 2014.

Through this exhibition, visitors will be able to discover the key events of the Battle of Mons, which was fought in August 1914. Chronologically, it follows on from the exhibition "Signes de temps" ("Signs of the Times"). The events leading up to the war will be referred to as a means of introducing the events of the Battle of Mons. The aim of this exhibition, taking place as it does in an art museum, is to place each exhibit or historical object at the centre of our reflective process, yet without glorifying the exhibit. An appropriate series of backdrops make it possible to approach the Battle of Mons from a historical or chronological perspective, but also as a kind of unmasking of history, taking the exhibit as our starting point.  This is a good opportunity to discover the philosophy adopted by the future Mons Memorial Museum with a first look at some of the exhibits, personal accounts and photographs to be exhibited at the future museum.

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