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Valorisations numériques ("Digital enhancements")

At the crossroads of our cultural heritage, digitisation reflects changes and evolutions through the past, the present and the future.It inspires curiosity and critical thought.The 21st century is digital.

Collections belonging to some institutions of the French-speaking Community of Belgium are already preserved and enriched digitally. This exhibition aims at revealing various aspects of our digital heritage.

Medieval manuscripts, photographic plates, theatrical slides, prints, paintings, sculptures, excerpts from radio news or television programmes…these all convey different works of art and perspectives. Technology also brings us closer to our history.

This exhibition gambles on some crossroads.

Crossroads of collections belonging to the Archives and Museum of Literature the BAM , La Cambre - Visual Arts, the Museum of Photography, the Royal Museum of Mariemont, the RTBF, the Visual Arts Service and three private collections.

Crossroads of our intellectual and emotional forms of expression. Crossroads of text, image and sound. At the crossroads of our cultural heritage, digitisation reflects changes and evolutions through the past, present and future, enabling us all to reclaim them.

Through this exhibition, the partner institutions also aim to demonstrate the uniqueness of their digitalisation work.

Signs and signatures  

Contemporary art, man questions and discusses.

Expression, man feels emotion and communicates

Transient memories

Memories of the theatre

Cross correspondences

The new, simultaneous digital display of collections offers another analytical perspective. We examine the cross correspondences that may exist between the collections of different contributors. Semantic, formal, historic similarities. One always finds what one is not looking for.


Iconographic foundations of a common cultural thread. Images of ancient artistic heritage. Masterpieces and aestheticism.

Communication – witnesses

Peoples’ stories. The basis for understanding today, communicated through the eyes of yesterday’s witnesses. Historic images, social history, portraits.

Man’s houses and cities

Architectural images. Cities and inhabitants.

Man in his context. Exclusion.

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