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Abstractions géométriques belges ("Belgian Geometric Abstraction")

From 1945 to the present day.

This exhibition invites visitors to discover Belgian Geometric Abstraction through its various manifestations since 1945. At the end of the Second World War, abstraction made a reappearance, expressed in the form of two distinct leanings: lyrical and geometric. Geometric abstraction was adopted by a group of artists who shared certain ideals relating to structure and measurements, and who joined forces from the mid-40s to mutually support their means of expression – based on geometry. They sought to contribute to rebuilding their society, notably by creating public artworks. Incorporating art into daily life was a constant concern, with the artists exploring the so-called applied arts in this same aim. Their actions were underpinned by a very practical social project: to bring art within every person's reach.

The movement's interdisciplinarity is emphasised in the exhibition, which includes not only paintings but sculptures, furniture, jewellery, textiles and art projects produced in the public realm. The jewels on show are from the collections of the City of Mons, as well as a number of public and private collections. This thematic journey reveals the different characteristics of one of the major movements in Belgian art, which is still widely practised today, but without much public awareness.

The exhibition features, among others, works by Jo Delahaut, Pol Bury, Marthe Wéry, Dan Van Severen, Amédée Cortier, Jean Rets, Gaston Bertrand, Luc Peire and Walter Leblanc.

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